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I am naturally intuitive and have been all my life. I pick up on other's feelings which often resulted in headaches that in my younger years had my mother taking me to doctors and finally naturalpath to try and find an answer for them. No one ever could, I even had a brain scan once. 


My gifts are my intuition and knowings. I am empathic or Clairsentient "clear feeling" which means I can feel or mirror peoples emotions. I am also Claircognizant "clear knowing" gives me the ability to suddenly and confidently know something to be true or untrue as the case my be.


I have seen visions usually if someone is not showing their true face it is revealed to me. The first time this happened I completely lost my train of thought and literally stood dumfounded for several seconds until asked if there was anything I wanted to say, it felt like something out of a movie. "Did I really see that?" "No I definitely saw that." It took me a year to finally realise what I had witnessed was a vision and very real, this ability is called clairvoyants (clear seeing). 


I am a dreamer and have always received messages through my dreams as well as the ability to interpret other peoples dreams.


I channel my gift through the use of Oracle & Tarot Cards, I can also get a lot from photo reading. I find the Pendulum a useful tool for straight Yes or No questions.


I can help with cutting etheric cords that may be binding you, this will clear out all negative attachments including situations and/or destructive life/relationship patterns, addictions and people from your past or present that no longer serve your highest, happy and best self. This allows you to make head and heart space for what you truly deserve! Out with the old and in with the new.