$2 per minute - Phone/Skype reading.

$60 for 30 min - Phone/Skype or face-to-face reading. (COVID-19) At this stage these appointments are still available but please do not book if you are unwell/have been exposed to sickness or have traveled recently. If so a phone/skype reading would be more appropriate and just at effective. 

$110 for 1 hour - face to face reading. (Unfortunately I am unable to offer 1 hour appointments due to Covid-19, 30min is still available and I encourage you to try the phone/Skype service as it is just as effective.)


$5 simple Yes or No question by Text or email.

For more information go to Services page.

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 For further information or to make a booking with Nikki go to the Contact page, email nikkiscarlet.nm@gmail.com or call 0418 694 373.



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