I Just wanted to thank you from the reading you did for me this morning.

This is a bit hard to describe but since then I feel a lot calmer, lighter and a lot more patient, almost as if I am coming out of a deep sleep.

Sorry if this all sounds silly but I just feel different in a good way, I am no longer stressing about work and know that the universe will make everything happen  when the time is right. Just wanted you to know. 

- Jenny 

You were on the ball, your reading is already coming into motion, Thanks Nikki

- Anonymous.

You were right, I found my jewelry. Thank You.

- Anonymous.

I just wanted to say thanks for the reading today. it was insightful in ways i didn't expect.

What I appreciated today was your openness and sincerity.

Anyway I just wanted to say thank you.

- Pete.

Nikki has been amazing the last year first time I saw her everything she predicated has happened. 

She made me a better person, and I have grown with her to have more positivy in my life and look beyond better things. Everything she has said has come to pass - especially the one thing I was doubting all along.

It feels amazing I love her and would recommend her to anyone you will not regret it!!! Everything has come to pass.

- Anonymous.

Hi Nikki, my husband and I came in for our first reading with you in September. We were very happy and amazed with our experience so booking in a second session with you.

- Dev



Regarding accuracy.


A common question I get is how good is your accuracy?

All I can do is give you some examples.

  • I did a reading for someone close to me and saw that he was going to lose his job, in this case I did not try to warn him as I knew he would not listen to me. Five months later he was made redundant.


  • I asked a client in a reading if there was any chance she could be pregnant. Three months later she came back and told me she had been and was now just over three months pregnant.


  • Regarding pregnancy a friend of mine told me her daughter was pregnant again which had not been planned and was not welcome. I did a reading for her and informed her that I did not see a pregnancy. A week later she told me that her daughter had lost the baby.


  • A client was concerned because her ex wanted to take her to court to contest their current child access agreement. I informed her not to worry that it would work out in her favour. Not only did she get exactly what she wanted but he was made to look quite a fool.


  • During a reading I told a client that he was allowing someone to have control over him which he immediately rejected insisting that he was in complete control of his life both personally and in business. We continued with the reading and at the very end he made a throw away comment, saying "she just has this control over me." To which I replied, "and there it is." He was shocked to realise that I had been right.


  • On several occasions I have seen when someone is being manipulative and keeping secrets which evenutally come out for all the see. It doesn't really mean much when you say "I knew that was going to happen". So now I have started writing this stuff down.





Regarding clarity.


Someone asked me the other day if I could tell her what she did for a living, she was trying to gage how good my connection was with her. Understandable, but I was taken off guard and immediately tried to explain that, for me anyway, it really doesn't work like that as I get impressions which are not very specific and as I was saying this I got a strong sense of office work but also the outdoors which I conveyed to her. I could tell she was not very impressed with this, understandable so, it was quite vague. It was only after I put the phone down that I realised that firstly I myself work in an office and I should have realised that would have clouded my perception but also to say something to do with the outdoors was not accurate because what I was sensing was a well-tended flower garden. I could see it very clearly. And the main overriding impression was that she is a mother, this I didn’t even mention to her but she later revealed to me. What I am trying to get at with this story is that spirts don’t understand the structures we have created in this materialistic world and to ask them questions like what do I do for a living their answers may not be what we expect. She asked me what she does for a living and what I should have said to her was I can’t tell you what you do to make money but I can tell you that the things that make your life worth living are being a mother and tending your flower garden. I will be more prepared for this kind of question in the future.



Another something about clarity.

Each morning I do a bit of a reading for myself which is not really recomended to do for themselves as you can never really be completely unbiased. For several weeks I kept drawing a disaster card and I knew that something was coming my way. I knew it was going to be dramatic and painful and although I was dreading it I was sure I knew in which direction it would come and was convinced it would be in the form of emotional and hurtful news. Being forewarned I believed this knowledge would help me to deal with it when it came.

But sometimes even with prior warnings we still can't fully appreciate what the universe has in store for us. As it turned out I was the victim of a car accident that I was lucky to walk away from.